How to create an event

In the current version, the administrator panel is in Telegram Bot. Full functionality will be in Web version later

To start, choose where the chat of your community is.

To open the administrator panel - run the command /admin

3.1 Community Name - enter the name in different languages. First, select the language clicking on the corresponding button with flag, then enter the text. If there is no need for localization, just specify one language (this applies to all similar forms in the bot).

3.2 Description - this text will be visible on the community page on the website.

3.3 Chats - here will be displayed a list of chats in which there is a bot, and where you are an administrator. Events will be published in these chats. If nothing is selected, then notifications will come only in personal messages from the bot itself.

3.4 Community Type - this option determines the visibility of the community on the website. If you choose a private community, you can only subscribe to it by request (knowing the direct link), or it will automatically subscribe if a new member joins the community chat in Telegram.

3.5 Upload an Image that will be displayed on the website. If there isn't one, you can skip this step by clicking the "No Photo" button.

5.1 Choose the type of event - this item is responsible for adapting features to the type of event. Now there are only 2 types, because initially, this bot was created for football, and has a number of specific functions as a assign to teams, statistics, etc. If you have suggestions about features for your event, then write in support!

5.2.1 Further, the form of choosing or creating the place - next time, if the event is in the same place, it will be enough to choose from the list. Also, this list can be edited in the settings of events in the main menu

5.2.2 The name of the place - what will be displayed in posts

5.2.3 Link - it is recommended to insert a link to Google Maps, the coordinates of the place are encrypted in it and your event can be found in the filters of the closest events on the main page of the site. This also helps to determine the time zone (there will be no next point)

5.2.5 Determining the time zone - if the link could not determine time zone, then you need to enter the location of the place manually (city, region or country)

5.2.6 Location image - it will be used instead of a picture of the event if it is not set. You can skip by clicking on the "No photo" button

5.2.7 Additional Information - this is an additional text that will be in the publication title next to the time and the venue for all events where this place is chosen. You can skip.

Here the place has already been created, then the points of the event

5.3 Date and time choice - it is necessary to specify the time and date of conduct in the text format, for example 07:45 01.06.2024. The past events will be in the main menu in the archive.

5.4 Accepting applications - everyone who wants to sign up will be in the records menu in the applications tab. The recording will be displayed in the publication only after confirmation

5.5 Record Limit - if it is exceeded, then the following records will fall into the waiting list. If a person from the main list changes his mind, then instead of him will be the first of the waiting list and he will receive a notification of this.

5.6 Tag - this is in order to distinguish events in the admin menu. Added before time and date. You can skip.

5.7 Title - This is a text that will be visible at the top of the post in Telegram and on the main page of the site in the list of all events.

5.8 Text of post - the main text that will be in the publications in chats and on the site. It is necessary to indicate in different languages. In the community settings, it is worth select the language of publications. If you do not specify, the current language of your device will be used.

5.9 Private message text - this text will send all subscribers to private messages during publication. You can skip or specify the different text.

5.9 Image of the event - if you do not specify, then a photo of the place will be used (if any)

5.10 Additional Innformation - you can skip. This is an additional text in the heading, like when you create the place.

If your events are similar, then you do not need to fill it all up again. There is a “Create similar” button, where you need to specify only a new date and time.

You can see what the post and personal messages in different languages by pressing the "Preview" button will look like. If something does not suit, then you can change everything in the settings.

Before publication, options will appear, where you can choose in which chats to create a post, whether you need to send private messages or send a mute message.

If something goes wrong, then you can hide the post (including in personal messages). Already published post can also be changed in the settings, the text in them will change automatically.Only in the case of adding a picture you need to re-build due to the features of Telegram.

Records - search, sign in the community subscribers, accept applications, mark payment and proceedings

It can also be recorded manually, it is not necessary for the desire to sign up to take part in this

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