I WILL GO — this is an easy way to search and organize events. With the help of this service, you can collect people who want to attend the event, make a guest list and much more.

What problem is solved

Usually, when organizing you need to solve several problems:

  • Where and how many places you need to book
  • If a sufficient number of slots is not gained, then cancel the event
  • Payment and presence control

To do this, community members in the chat write plus or minus.If someone changed his mind, they warn that their plans have changed, put a minus. From many messages after all, you need to determine who will participate from the waiting list. This all turns into chaos!


Now you can make a list of participants and a waiting list. If someone changed his mind from the main list, then after pressing one button, he will leave the list and a person from the waiting list will become in his place.

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